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Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Why A Carbon Dioxide Sensor Is Essential For Your School

Within any school the concern at the forefront of staff's minds other than education is always the safety of their children.  In order to ensure this safety all schools need to abide by health and safety legislation.  Unfortunately not all schools in some cases fully abide by this legislation. One such device which some schools fail to consider is a…
Roadwork Companies

Finding Roadwork Companies To Install The School’s New Car Park

At Townley School, we have been seeing some problems with congestion and with parking spaces. This has only continued to get worse as time passes. Therefore, we are going to be investing in a new car park and road system. The works will begin at the start of 2020 and we are currently looking into finding roadwork companies who will be able to handle this project for us. We have already had the plans drawn up and permission granted by the local authority so full steam ahead!

More details about our plans, granted we find the right roadwork companies, can be found below. If you have any questions about the new system then please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.