Townley School Reviews Merchant City Indian Restaurants

Table spread taken from one of the Merchant City Indian restaurants.

As many of you are aware, we took an autumnal trip beyond the border back to Scotland to reminisce some of our summer sightseeing. Naturally, the weather was much colder than our last visit and of course, temperatures were a lot lower than they are at home. So we decided to create a project that as well as educate our learners, acted as a bit of a winter warmer. We set out to review a few of the well-known and much loved Merchant City Indian restaurants. The team practised their writing skills and we all indulged in the delights of South Asian spice. We have included what we voted as the best review from the entire trip (and boy do Weedgies love their curry).

Zaffrani Nisha jumbo tiger prawns saffron marinade from one of the most popular Merchant City Indian restaurants.

The Dhabba: The King of the Merchant City Indian Restaurants

The Dhabba is one of the most popular Merchant City Indian Restaurants and one that offers something rather unique compared the rest. The Dhabba was the first Indian restaurant in Glasgow to serve authentic North Indian cuisine. Presented within a well light, airy space, The Dhabba’s customers can enjoy exclusively northern food cooked fresh by the experts. The word “Dhabba” means diner and refers to the age-old diners that line the country roads in rural North India. For years travellers have been stopping in at unassuming dhabbas to enjoy shelter and a basic meal only to be dazzled by delicious recipes that have been perfected over and passed down through generations. The meal we experienced at Glasgow’s The Dhabba was no different.

What We Chose To Eat

The menu itself is designed similarly to a broadsheet, which added even more originality to the space. After one glance it is clear why a broadsheet was the right fit for the job as the menu is rather massive. It was overflowing with dishes of all different meats, spices, sauces, vegetables, bread, dips and accompaniments imaginable. After a short debate, our large party of twelve decided to go for the Group Tasting menu. This meant all the dishes would be brought out at once and everyone could pick and choose as they pleased. The attentive waiting staff advised us that one full Tasting Menu requires at least four diners. We knew straight away that two rounds would be enough for us. This equated to six starters, four mains, two different kinds of rice and two flavours of naan bread.

Taster Menu Dishes from Merchant City Indian Restaurants

The Verdict

It would be an understatement to say that the food at The Dhabba is absolutely delightful on every measurable level. One of the most impressive features of the menu was that vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options were available on every tasting menu. With four different tasting menus to choose from, that really does bode well for those who have special dietary requirements. Tasty and inclusive were the summarising words from the group. Plus the staff could not have been more helpful. They answered every single question with keen knowledge and smiles all around. Overall, this Merchant City Indian restaurant wowed the team and we would definitely recommend a visit.