Year 5 Learns To Give Back To The Community

Every year, we make it a point to focus on a charity that brings the children together and helps them understand the importance of giving back to the community that gave them so much. Every time we do this we make sure we narrow down on a charity we truly believe in and something that we can make the children passionate about.

Choosing Our Charity

For this year, we have collectively decided that something we truly believe in and want to share with the children is the Children’s Hospices across Scotland. This charity focuses on children that have life-threatening diseases and helping them live their life to the fullest. Our day trip to the centre had the primary goal of sharing the hope and strength of the patients from the charity with the children. Throughout the day, students spoke to the children at the centre and played games with them. The takeaway from the trip was that a simple conversation can make all the difference.

What We Are Studying

Our class activities and studies have recently revolved around medicine and the NHS. What we can do to improve healthcare in simple steps is one of the main topics that were discussed. The answer that everyone came to agree upon was that building better relationships makes the healthcare service far better for the patients as well as the staff.

Our Trip To The Charity

The children of Year Nine spent the entire afternoon truly understanding the power of relationships and even building some of their own.

After lunch at the centre, the children from the centre made cupcakes along with the students. Most noteworthy, the activity was simple enough to leave a mark on everyone. Each cupcake was made in a pair with a child from the centre working with one of our students. We ended the day by performing a skit that the students put together for performing at the centre.

What We Learned

After getting back to school the students each explained how the day affected them. Each student also said whether they would like to do it again as a result. Above all, many of them made relationships they want to keep and some of them even plan on going back soon. We ended the day by discussing how relationships can certainly affect the way someone’s health can improve. We finally talked about how being an active part of any charity seems like it can improve your life.