Year 6 Learn To Use Scissor Lift Platforms On Trip To Local Business

Scissor Lift Platforms

We always try to put the utmost importance on setting the children up for a great education and career. Our trips are always about trying to give the children experience that will help them gain experience and grow as a person. Most recently, we have been looking at all the different kinds of jobs people may have in the community. Most recently, we have looked at warehousing and how this sector is important to our lives. We have had talks by industry professionals and looked at many case studies in class. However, we firmly believe that physical experience is the most effective way of learning.

Visiting LLM Handling

As an expert in the industry, both owning a warehouse and supplying warehouse equipment to other businesses, LLM Handling was a perfect choice to take the kids for a visit.  This company are based in Surrey and supply equipment for businesses up and down the country. They sell everything from pallet lifters to scissor lift platforms and everything in between. Not only that, but they actually use their own scissor lift platforms and other machinery in their own warehouse.

Scissor Lift Platforms

Using Pallet Lifters And Scissor Lift Platforms

On our trip, the children were shown around the warehouse. Everyone had to wear protective equipment. We learned all about the various roles within the company and a bit about how each person achieved their jobs.

We were then shown how to use different types of equipment. All of the kids got the chance to go up in scissor lift platforms to see the upper levels of the warehouse’s storage.

What The Children Have Learned

After visiting the company at LLM Handling, we think the kids have realised how important this job can be and how challenging it can be. They have learned all about health and safety protocol and gained some valuable work experience. For many students, the best part was learning how to use the scissor lift platforms! Seems like we can envisage some kids applying for summer jobs here in the future!

Why We Chose This Trip

First of all, we chose to take the kids on this particular trip because we believe it provides them with a very rounded insight into this sector. This local business has always been very supportive of the school. We appreciate their help in teaching the kids about their careers and industry. If you would like any more information on this business or on our trip, please get in touch with the School Office.

Scissor Lift Platforms