About Townley School & Pre-School

The school is situated in the Village of Christchurch, in the heart of the Fenland district in Cambridgeshire. We are organised in 3 classes covering Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

The school roll hovers around 70 children in full-time education with another dozen or so attending the pre-school.


Townley Primary School aims to foster a happy working relationship in which every child can develop, both socially and academically, to their full potential.

The School Aims – written by the children

Everyone at Townley School will:

will make informed choices about being healthy and staying safe
will thrive in a safe and happy learning environment
will engage with a varied and lively curriculum and fulfil their capacity
to learn
will become self-confident, informed and active citizens
will treat each other with respect regardless of gender or ethnic
will acknowledge, develop and value staff, pupils, parents, buildings
and environment
will be equipped to cope with change and engage with the world
around them
Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and achieve
Make a positive
Achieve economic


Charles Francis Townley 1888 – 1912
Charles Francis Townley was Rector of Christchurch from 1888 – 1912.

The Reverend Townley was widely respected and helped the villagers in many practical ways.

In 1932, two years after his death, the new school in Christchurch was opened and called The Townley School. This was in honour not only of Charles, but of all the Townleys, as they had been an influential family in the area for more than a century.