Dentists In Glasgow

Dentists In Glasgow: Take Care Of Teeth On Next School Trip

Our trip to Glasgow is fast approaching! One thing we feel very strongly about here at Townley School is our dental hygiene! We always try to promote taking great care of your dental health to all of our students and this doesn’t stop when we go on trips.

With this in mind, to avoid any trips to the dentists in Glasgow, we want to give some advice to pupils (and parents) ahead of the trip. It will just help make this trip even more fun as well as safe.

We are always here to help keep the children happy and healthy!

Year 9 Spent Some Time Polishing Their Artistic Abilities


A lot of our students shine when it comes to putting paint to paper or making their thoughts sketches. Our art teachers as well the head of art have strived to better their skills every day and their abilities have only grown over the years. Taking it a step further, we decided to give them some inspiration as well by taking a trip down to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Our plan for the day was to take a tour of the gallery and then head down to the Scotland Street School Museum for the competition we were planning on entering.

View of the glass ceiling and white walls in the British Museum

Year Six Have a Special Weekend Trip to the British Museum

Year six had a great day on their trip down at the British Museum last weekend where they spent quite a while discovering the various categories available. There was also an event being held the same day which all of the children decided to participate in. With the help of experts and some great technology, the children had a sixty-minute…