How Event Crew Agencies & Portable Buildings Saved the School

Man in hard hat radioing to other staff from event crew agencies

As some of you may be aware, the school had a recent incident with flooding in the main building. Luckily nobody was hurt and the building is salvageable. Unfortunately, a lot of the student artwork was destroyed amongst some furniture and standard equipment. The worst part about the flood was its interference with the school talent show. Despite our best efforts, there was no way that we could host the talent show at school and we didn’t want to postpone as it would run on over the summer holidays. Thankfully, we were saved by an incredibly hardworking team from event crew agencies who specialise in the construction of portable buildings. A temporary structure was transported to the school carpark, allowing us to host our annual talent show.

Theatre with red curtain that was built within portable buildings

Event Crew Agencies to the Rescue

Immediately after the flood, the faculty had reached the conclusion that we would not be able to carry on with the talent show. This is course would cause a lot of upset as our annual event brings parents, students and staff together for a wonderful evening of laughter and outstanding talent. It was only after a neighbouring school suggested we get in touch with Ten Ten Events that we realised there could be a way to continue with the talent show. Ten Ten Events is one of the best event crew agencies in the world and are renowned for their skill, speed and professionalism. We arranged for an expert team to come to the school and construct a temporary, portable building that would become our venue.

Who Knew About Portable Buildings?

Although I was, of course, aware that you could have a temporary cabin-like structure that could be used for festivals, I didn’t realise how attractive and sleek portable buildings could be. The temporary structure we ordered from VBS Structures is extremely impressive.  It has two floors with kitchen area and toilets, as well as various segregated rooms that will later be used as classrooms for the first few weeks of classes after summer. Portable buildings have indeed opened the eyes of the faculty and saved our school talent show.

Employee from event crew agencies marking things of a checklist on a clip board

The Show Must Go On

Without the speedy labour from the event crew agencies staff and the impressive portable buildings delivered and constructed in such a short space of time, we would have lost out on our favourite event of the year. What’s more impressive is we are able to use this temporary structure for replacement classrooms while the ones that were damaged in the flood are renovated. Despite the fright we received from the flood initially, and the loss of beautiful artwork Townley School has made it through this challenge. We again would like to the event crew agencies and portable buildings staff for their help and hard work in restoring our talent show.