Schools Summer Art Exhibition: News and Details from Event

schools summer art exhibition colourful glass art

Students across all years have put a lot of hard work to deliver their ideas for a schools summer art exhibition. With the evening starting with a fashion show there was a lot of brilliant things to see and just how much dedication was put into delivering this event. Friends and family members were all invited to the evening event to see the catwalk show take place. Year 10 dance students put on a great show as well whilst wearing amazing clothes designed by the students. After the fashion show awards were given to the show schools summer art exhibition fashion show school arts fashion

Summer Art Exhibition Prize Giving


Contemporary Art prizes were given out at the event and the school was awarded praise for how much hard work and dedication was put into delivering this event. Some selected pieces of work will be put on display at the Saatchi Gallery later on in the year. Many students were also given awards for the amount of hard work and dedication they put into their studies throughout the year.


After the Prizes at the Summer Art Exhibition

painting schools summer art exhibition sheep and windmill colourful

After the prizes were given out, friends and family were given the opportunity to see a display of different arts, textiles and DT works. The Contemporary Gallery has a wide range of impressive work carried out by students doing GCSEs and A Levels. Many of the parents and guests were very praising of the work the pupils at the school and remarked on the quality of the work the pupils carried out.


At the End of the Night


At the end of the night students taking part in the summer, Art Exhibition were able to go see their friends and family to speak about the creations they made and parents were able to see how much hard work and effort was put into delivering this show. The pupils were then able to thank their teachers on making the night possible and also for all their help and support throughout the year in order for them to complete their designs and show off the finished products. Parents and guests were also this year, able to buy posters as a reminder of their favourite piece of art from the night as well as get to take photographs throughout the event and actually experience what kinds of work the school does together in order to carry out these types of events. Plans are already being put into place for the following years Summer Exhibition.