Career Guides: How to Help Students Get Jobs in Betting Industry

Two female students sit at desk discussing jobs in betting industry.

As most of you are aware we recently introduced the students to an informative online resource for the iGaming industry, in the hope it would encourage them to start thinking about possible careers. This approach has been very successful and has resulted in many students looking into jobs in betting industry. Many of the students now have several questions about how they can achieve their goals and get their dream job. One of the most commonly asked questions is: what are employers in the industry looking for in a candidate? One of the other most commonly asked questions is: what is the best job I can get in this industry. After a lot of research, we have the answers to these questions and would like to share them here for all of you.

Business man in blue suit sits behind his desk discussing jobs in betting industry

Betting Jobs

Betting Jobs is a globally renowned recruitment solution for the betting and gaming industry. For fifteen years, the founders of the Glasgow based business has been making qualified connections between employers and candidates from all over the world. With all these years of experience and all the knowledge and relationships they have built, Betting Jobs is now regarded as the go-to place for networking in the industry. The top consultants in this company know everyone worth knowing and everything that is essential to success in the industry. If you are looking for jobs in betting industry, this is the place to go.


Jobs in Betting Industry for Our Students

As our students are only in high school you may be wondering how much Betting Jobs can do for them at this early stage and the answer is a lot. Betting Jobs are a jobs listing site where the students can browse for jobs all over the world. This answers their big question about what jobs are available. By looking through the current jobs, the students can get a better understanding of what’s available and therefore discover what they are looking for. This feature of the website also lets them see what is expected of them. On the job listings, employers will list required education and experience, plus skills and personal qualities.

Woman on phone speaks to careers team about jobs in betting industry

Common Worries and Concerns

Many parents have already voiced some worries and concerns about helping the students get jobs in betting industry and talking about it at such a young age. We can assure you that there are various types of jobs available in this industry, many of which are not directly related to gambling. By starting off with a bad habit the students are caught up in at the moment we have been able to grab their attention and turn it on their careers. Being interested in your job is of the utmost importance and makes life much easier. By encouraging them to look into jobs in betting industry you may be able to get them excited about going to college or university if it means they can get their dream job. This, of course, will lead them to work harder at school to get the results they need.