Year 9 Get A Taste Of Life In The Country

Recently, Year 9 has been learning about harvesting methods and what are the do’s and do not’s while running a farm. Understanding how harvesting has changed over the years and how exactly it works can only truly be done by taking a look at it yourself so that is what we decided to do.

Thistly Cross Cider

Our day trip to Thistly Cross cider was extremely informative and it is fair to say we all enjoyed ourselves while actually seeing what we have been reading for the past few months. Thistly Cross cider is one of the best farms in Scotland and it focuses on being eco-friendly as well. We spent the day being given a tour to understand exactly how they harvest apples and the entire process behind it.

Learning To Make Cider

We started the tour by taking a look at the different types of apple trees and their ages. This was as well as how these factors affect the final product. Every tree has a different process, a different time period and the final product. It was pretty amazing to hear our tour guide know exactly which one was for what. After this, we moved on to the pressing home where we saw exactly how the apples were transformed and became cider. Every piece of equipment had a job and part of our trip went into understanding exactly how every machine contributes to creating cider from apples.

Environmental Impacts

Our school has recently been focusing on going green and understanding the process of harvesting. We are doing this by creating an apple farm of our own. Our apply farm will produce cost-effective and eco-friendly apple juice from apples on an obviously smaller scale. The aim of the trip was to give the children a better idea of what we are trying to do. It will also find that bit of inspiration we need to complete the project. The project consists of finding apples that were grown locally. We will then juice them so that they can be sold within the community. This saves transportation cost, gas and manpower.

What We Learned

Our trip to Thistly Cross cider gave the children a better understanding of exactly how to harvest. All while keeping the environment in mind and also understanding how everything works. We ended the day with a cool glass of apple juice and some sandwiches at the farm. On our way back to the school, we talked about the ideas we are going to take from today’s trip. We will adapt these to use in our own farm.